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As this show is still in development it hasn’t made its way to audience members and press yet!
So, just until we’re up and running, here are some of the comments audiences have made about previous Stuff and Nonsense shows:

“We were enthralled from start to finish.”

“We loved it. You kept my 3 year old transfixed on her first trip to the theatre!”

“Took my two boys, 5 and 3. Only rare things keep them captivated for a full 90 minutes. This was one.”

“Absolutely brilliant! 5 year old and 7 year old completely captivated. Perfect family treat. Highly recommend!”

“I think it is incredibly important to introduce children to the magic of theatre from a young age and this was by far the best performance to start a passion! I would even go as far to say that it was one of the best performances I have seen in many years… I shall certainly be on the look out for your future productions …and will be first in the queue to get my tickets – even if the kids can’t come!!!!”

“After seeing your show today at the Montgomery theatre in Sheffield we had to write and say how wonderful it was! We are a family of 4, with an 8 year old girl and 4 year old boy, and have not enjoyed a show so much together for ages. Our daughter was clapping her hands in excitement and shouting where the elves were and our little boy was in awe – and just loved ‘the funny man falling off the settee’! We were all laughing for the whole hour and it’s certainly a show we will remember for a long time.”

“It was brilliant! My daughter – 4 years old – was red in the face from laughing so hard and I have never seen her so excited and so enthusiastic! I laughed out loud too! It was truly fun for the whole family, not just the kids!”

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