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About The Enormous Turnip

Living in their tiny shed squeezed in amongst the garden tools, Mr and Mrs Chickweed’s amazing prize-winning vegetables have taken over everything! Before they retire, they can’t resist planting one last seed, try for one more champion vegetable and one more trophy!

But no one knew that a vegetable could grow bigger than the cat, bigger than the dog, bigger than you and me put together! It’s gigantic, it’s blocking out the light and it’s still growing!

Help save the day as we pull The Enormous Turnip out of the ground before it takes over the planet!

: Niki McCretton
Performers: Gareth Price-Baghurst & Maria Gray
: Edwina Bridgeman
: Matthew Huxley
Original Sound Design: Gwendolyn Scott
Lighting Design: Phil Mead

With support from The Point and The Berry Theatre. Originally created with support from Lighthouse, Poole’s Centre for the Arts, in association with Salisbury Playhouse and The Merlin Theatre.

The Enormous Turnip opened at Salisbury Playhouse in October 2010 and since then has made 349 performances to audiences of almost 55,000!

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