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“We came to see this on Christmas Eve, and what an amazing show! Thank you!”

“Thoroughly enjoyed ‘The man who wanted to be a penguin. Great set and props and the characters changes were excellent. The actor and actresses really engaged the audience and Mia our daughter was laughing her head off and loved the snow and snowballs. Thank you for hosting a great show!”

“What an absolute treat The Man Who Wanted to be a Penguin was. Thank you so much for arranging for us to go. The group loved it – it’s so funny and inventive. The magic coat was a big hit. The children around us loved it too. Everyone was hooked on the story, and the themes were so beautifully woven through the piece. Please do let the company know we loved it!”

“Reception went on their theatre visit today. We watched ‘The Man Who Wanted to be a Penguin’ and the children loved it! ”

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